Writing in Ambit 218


October saw the publication of Ambit 218, which featured a short prose piece of mine, called An Echo on the Night Wind. I wrote it just over a year ago, and it was one of the few things I’ve written which I got down in one take with very little editing afterwards. For me, that doesn’t happen very often. It was also my first real attempt at prose-poetry. I’m pretty happy with the result.

As always, Ambit 218 features a lot of good writing and art. There’s a story in there by Lavie Tidhar, whose work I’ve always enjoyed. I first came across his stuff years ago, when I was sending my first attempts at short stories to a speculative fiction magazine called Murky Depths (I eventually got published in issue 8). Lavie’s work (mostly comics if I remember correctly, for which he did the writing – I could be wrong, though) was in various issues, and I enjoyed his work immensely. It’s funny how things come full circle – years later, we’re in the same magazine (which in terms of content is pretty far removed from what Murky Depths was about).

You can buy Ambit direct from their website, or from stores.


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